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Drop Your Pride, Make the Call

While working in his home office in November 2021, Jim M. began to feel lightheaded. Alone, Jim gently lowered himself to the floor, knowing a fall was imminent. Moments later, he began to realize the lightheaded, dizzy feeling wasn’t going to subside.

Fortunately, Jim made the decision to call an ambulance, and Albuquerque EMTs arrived 10 minutes later. Jim was able to put up the dogs and greet the EMTs at the door, to their surprise.

After Three Heart Attacks, a Left Ventricular Assist Device and Support from Heart Hospital Has Given Him Precious Time

Jose M., 58, experienced his first heart attack in 2010. Since then, he’s experienced two more heart attacks. Although they weren’t major heart attacks, these incidents have led to multiple procedures and stents placed throughout the years. By 2020, Jose says he could feel himself getting weaker and needed to be seen by the doctor more frequently.